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Water Heater Replacement & Repair

Water Heater Tank Replacement & Repair

Platinum Choice Plumbing can assist with new installation, replacement and repair of water heaters for your home or business. Our professional team will consult with you to meet your water heater needs.

According to the US Department of Energy, water heaters account for nearly 20% of your electricity costs. Water heaters have become more efficient in the last 20 years, at Platinum choice plumbing we can help you find a water heater that is the most energy efficient for your home needs.

Things to consider when selecting a new water heater:

  • Type of Water Heater – Is a traditional tank or a tankless system best for your home or business?
  • Installation and Maintenance Cost – How much is professional installation and maintenance to extend the life of a new system?
  • Energy Star Rating – Is the system government rated for efficiency?
  • Monthly Costs – How much is the annual cost to run the system in your home or business?
  • Capacity – Will the system meet the needs of hot water for your home or business?
  • Source – Does your home or business have gas or an electric source to run the water heater?

Water Heater Tankless System Installation & Repair

Tankless water heater systems are an option for your home or business. Platinum Choice Plumbing is available to answer any questions you have about the systems and then complete the professional installation of your new system.

Things to consider with a hot water tankless system:

  • Tankless systems typically have longer warranties than regular heaters.
  • Most tankless systems last more than 21 years, which is about double the lifespan of storage tank water heaters (typically 10-13 years).
  • The initial investment may be more costly than a traditional tank, but in the long run it will pay you back in saved expenses in running the system.
  • In an estimate from the Energy Department of U.S., tankless gas heaters save an average of $109 in energy costs per year, as opposed to their conventional tank counterparts. Electric tankless heaters only save $44 per year.
  • The tankless system will provide never-ending hot water on demand.
  • Tankless systems take up less space in your home. The systems are approximately the same size as a laptop, versus a bulky metal tank.