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Trenchless Service Lines

Trenchless Service Lines

Trenchless service lines at your home or business are less intrusive than traditional lines. Platinum Choice Plumbing can install trenchless lines to meet your needs.

Trenchless Service Lines Benefits:

  • Trenchless service line repairs take less than a day to complete.
  • Work on trenchless lines allows for less intrusive techniques that are more effective than trying to work with traditional trenched lines.
  • Trenchless lines allow you to keep your lawn, landscaping, patio and more from being destroyed.
  • Repairs through trenchless lines meet industry standards.

Trenchless Water Line Repairs:

Trenched water lines cause more issues than trenchless lines. An outcome of installing trenchless lines means that you avoid the following from occurring at your home or business.

  • Water lines being crushed or pinched by underground roots.
  • Water lines under your driveway or under crushed-rock shifting resulting in damage to the water line(s).
  • Water lines too close to the ground surface freezing. Freezing can result in pipes bursting.
  • Calcium buildup or other chemicals in water damaging water lines.

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